Essay on Can I Get Back From A Little Bit Later Today?

Essay on Can I Get Back From A Little Bit Later Today?

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“Can I get back to you on that a little bit later today?”
“Sure thing Hon. But just remember, if you don’t call, I’ll be knocking on your door,” Gwen warned.
After they hung up, Lena began to feel a little weirded out. An eerie sensation settled on her and she felt almost like it was a déjà vu occurrence. Gooseflesh formed on her arms but she shrugged it off, chalking it up to the devastating events of the last few days. It could only be some form of after-effect from all the tragic, recent changes in her life. Soon it was forgotten and she went back to her former grieved state as she picked up the picture of Greg and herself once again. She traced his handsome smile gently with her finger as tears welled up in her eyes and brimmed over once more.
She did not know where it came from but a momentary shred of good sense invaded her thoughts and the need for substance penetrated her dark, despondent state. Reluctantly she put the picture down and went into the kitchen. Making some coffee, she stared out the window while she waited on its routine. She still had no taste for food but at least coffee was a start.
The doorbell rang again; this time a salesman was there, hoping to sell her a nice, expensive vacuum cleaner.
“No thank you,” she told him firmly, as he tried to force his product on her. Then as she noisily shut the door she wondered, ‘Didn’t I do this a few days ago, right before my world came crashing to a halt?’
The phone rang before she could let herself dwell further on her despondent thoughts and she slowly made her way to answer it. At the last minute she decided to ignore the call, however, and let the machine pick it up. It was just a reminder for yet another appointment. She shook her head and exclaimed, “I kn...

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...n. “…Not ever.”
That evening after they had eaten the takeout Greg brought for them, Lena sat on the sofa with him, snuggling close, totally ignoring the T.V. that was blaring in front of her. She clung to him, almost afraid that if she let him go for even a second, he really and truly would be gone. Somehow she just could not get out from under the influence of that dream. It seemed too real. Why… if she let herself go, she could still feel the wrenching of her insides as she violently mourned his death. She involuntarily tightened her arms about him as they held each other.
She finally began to relax, but it took quite a while before that could transpire. Listening to the steady rhythm of his heartbeat, though, did wonders to sooth her troubled mind and spirit. The security she felt and the reassuring sound of life she heard in his chest, lulled her to sleep.

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