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Can God Heal The Hurt Essay examples

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Everyone has been sick, either physically or emotionally, at some point in their lives. Where do we turn when this illness becomes more than we can bear? Most people will make an appointment with their doctor and be given some sort of medication, as this is the day of advanced medicine. Well, what happens when the medicine doesn’t work? Where do we turn? Do we look for second opinions or do we look for different treatment options? This is becoming a major concern in our country as people are getting frustrated with the results, or lack thereof, of modern medicine. Through some of the research I have already done, I’ve discovered that people are very set on proving, beyond a doubt, that a given treatment works before they will try it. The fact that the efficacy of prayer is hard to prove, it is causing some doubt as whether prayer should be included in treatment plans. My question to be researched then is, how do we know that prayer is beneficial for our physical healing?
I am hoping to reach those who are concerned about their current health status and are questioning where to turn. I would like to show some encouragement to those who are lost in their medical journey; to show them that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Another group I would like to reach are the skeptical doctors, like mine. Maybe if they could see some research into the subject, they may not be as close minded. This is a topic close to home for me, as I to have been frustrated with medicine as a whole. I am currently battling an illness that doctors cannot diagnose. My lab values change every time they think they have an answer, prompting them to start all over. Through my research I am hoping to find encouraging information as to the power of prayer....

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