Can College Education Be Worth Pursing? Essay

Can College Education Be Worth Pursing? Essay

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Can college education be worth pursing? There are questions about whether or not going to college will lead a better financial future later on. Many people are confused on why to invest time and money for attending college because some people believe that college education will not guarantee a higher paying job. People who want to go to college to obtain a bachelor’s degree but do not have the amount of money and available time are saddened to miss the opportunities of that experience. College offers higher education, but it is not free to obtain higher education without paying the college’s tuition, fees, transportation, and books. The college tuition and fees are increasing more than ever on colleges in the United States of America. Attending college is becoming a commonplace in the United States of America and the enrollment has been increasing in recent decades despite the increase of the costs of attending college (Beaver 308). Higher education is not meant for everyone to pursue, but higher education is important (Abramson 1). College students should complete their college degree and gain experience throughout their college years because graduates will have the availability of having higher paying careers and experience.
A reason for obtaining a higher education in and to graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree is that a bachelor’s degree can earn a higher salary than the majority of the people who have a high school diploma. Stephen Rose, a research professor at the Georgetown University and author of “The Value of a College Degree,” said, “Most people want to obtain a baccalaureate degree because of the added earnings associated with a degree” (4). A bachelor’s degree has been an important factor on how much annua...

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...’s degree is indeed worth it. William Beaver, a well-respected accountant and educator, reported that the median debt for college students earning a bachelor’s degree has increased to $17,000 (309). The total student loan in the United States is $914 billion which exceeds the $672 billion of total credit card debt (London 360). Approximately 58% of college freshman that started at a four-year university will eventually earn a bachelor’s degree at most six years (Beaver 309). Some college students argue that they spend a lot of money on colleges until they reach to a point where they think that going to college is not worth the time and money. Those college students will eventually drop out of college because of failed grades and running out of money to spend. As what Beaver reported, a survey of 30,000 college freshman reported that closely one-half spend more time.

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