Essay on Can Cell Phones Harm our Health?

Essay on Can Cell Phones Harm our Health?

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Is there dangerous radiation coming from our cell phones? Over the past few years there has been concern about our health when it comes to cell phones. Some people say that cell phones are dangerous because there is harmful radiation coming from them. Others say that cell phones are safe. However, cell phones emit 900-1800 MHz radiofrequency electromagnetic fields during calls which effects the protein structures in mice and humans (Eid 573). Therefore, cell phones can be dangerous to humans. Most studies that show that there is no harmful effects from cell phone use are often industry funded (Gandhi 38). On the other hand, there are many studies that have been conducted that show that cell phones do correlate with harmful effects on the human body and other test subjects like mice.
Specifically in the study conducted by F. Eid et al., the results of the experiment showed that there were many changes in the plasma protein and the eyes of newly born mice.
“The study was conducted on one control group, an exposed group that experienced cell phone radiation for forty-five minutes a day for a month, and a group of mice that experienced cell phone radiation for forty-five minutes a day for one month, but were then observed for the following month without being exposed to cell phone radiation. The control group of mice had fourteen visible protein bands, the exposed group twelve bands, and the recovery group had approximately seventeen protein bands (Eid 576). In addition, eight of the bands that were in the control group were no longer in the exposed group and in the recovery group there were eleven bands that were in the control group that were no longer in the recovery group” (Eid 576).
These results mean that there is radiation ...

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... an impact on male fertility. Since many people have cell phones is today’s society, it is important to limit the exposure of cell phone radiation. This can be accomplished by calling less and texting more or by calling by a different means like a hands-free device.

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