Essay about Can Animal Testing Be Eliminated Someday?

Essay about Can Animal Testing Be Eliminated Someday?

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Animal testing, for years, we’ve been testing chemicals, cosmetic products, and even cleaning chemicals on them. Why do animals have to suffer this fate under the roof of a lab giving them cruel conditions, measly portions of food, and even making them share a cramped, small cage with another animal. These conditions are ungrateful and harmful. Why would we test on animals, if we don’t help them? The reasons are just simple, for science. Still though, many animals, through scientific study, show that they, as a matter of fact CAN feel pain! And yet what do we do? We put them through tests that burn their skin, boil their bones, and eventually lead to a slow, painful death.

I think, that one day, we can have a world where humans can test products on other sources than animals. For now, the complete solution to this problem is unknown, and scientists still continue to test on animals since there is no other reliable solution. Though this may seem the only way, there may be a solution. I believe that half of the animals in a lab should be used for testing, for right now there is no solution, and half should be used for mating and normal animal research. You may not agree with my solution, but for me this may be an easier way to create a healthier use with animal testing. Now, this still doesn’t excuse the fact that animals are suffering, without pain relief, and or any comfort. This is why researchers should stop the brutality of animal testing, and try a more gentle approach. My plan would consist of three research facilities instead of hundreds. The plan would make one of them for the tests and the other two would be for creating solutions to help the animals and have a mating facility, or a indoor habitat, so they can have...

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... 1.1% of dogs and cats from pounds and shelters, that would otherwise be euthanized, are used in research. Rats, mice and other rodents make up 85-90% of all research animals along with birds. Only 1 to 1.5% of research animals are dogs and cats and only 0.5% are non-human primates.
There has been a 40% decrease in the numbers of animals used in biomedical research and testing in the US since 1968.

At least 61% of animals used suffer no pain, 31% have pain relieved with anesthesia, 6% experience pain, as alleviation would compromise the validity of the data. A lot of this work is directed at an understanding of pain.”

Maybe one day, we will have found the solution to animal testing without the animals’ harm, but for now, we must keep searching, and I hope that we will finally have accurate information and safe and healthy chemicals WITHOUT animal testing.

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