Camus And The Meaning Of Life Essay

Camus And The Meaning Of Life Essay

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In this paper, I will examine the relationship between the question of the meaning of life and the absurdity of life, present a possible answer to the question, and then evaluate the plausibility of that answer. The possible answer I will discuss about this relationship is presented by Camus’s argument of the meaning of life, and the absurdity which results from it. I will defend it against an objection Nagel and others have had against his line of thought. Further, I will support this possible answer as being the best plausible answer to the question, “What is the meaning of life?”.

For one to ask, “What is the meaning of life?”, is a common question in the minds of most people throughout their time on Earth. But, what does it mean for something to be defined as the meaning of life and why is it so important for people to be aware of said meaning? While there have been many philosophers and general public who try to answer this question based off of their different cultural and perceived backgrounds, everything remains to be speculation since different people and cultures believe different things about the meaning of life and how to find it. This school of thought states that the efforts of humanity to find inherent meaning will always fail, and are ultimately absurd, due to the great amount of knowledge in the world and the unknown which makes certainty not a possibility. This leads to what Camus calls the absurd, which in his eyes refers to the conflict between human tendency to look for an inherent meaning in their lives and the human inability to find any. Camus argues that we question the meaning of our lives when the world fails to satisfy our demands for said meaning. Absurdity to him is a confrontation between the i...

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...rpose and meaning is searched for, but not found because of the universes vast knowledge and the unknowns of the universe which make it impossible to be certain, this leads to the absurd in peoples lives. While the absurd can overcome you, Camus believes that the best plausible way to react to it is to acknowledge that you can not find the meaning in life, but still search for said meaning, that way acknowledging the situation makes it less weighted and continuing to search for a meaning despite knowing the gravity of the situation allows you to find meaning within yourself. This is the best plausible answer because it leaves you with an understanding of the situation but also allows you an opportunity to continue finding that meaning and is a better solution as opposed to completely giving up on the meaning of your life and therefore ending your life in the process.

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