Essay on Campus Safety And Security : A Case Study At The University Of Georgia

Essay on Campus Safety And Security : A Case Study At The University Of Georgia

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Accord to Brian N. Williams of The co-production of campus safety and security: a case study at the University of Georgia said: “Campus safety and security is a noteworthy issue and an area of increasing concern facing educational institutions in the United States.” Before I came to America, I saw a lot of news about the US school shootings which were so terrible, but still I think it won’t be happen on me. The shooting things are really far away from me until few days before. There had a shooting threat announcement post on Internet said ASU would be his shooting target few days ago. And that time was the school day, all students were on campus including me. When I heard that news, I had never feel that dead was so closer to me. Fortunately, the shot just a kid’s joke. But due to this issue, I could see how serious the campus security is in Arizona. According to the data from slate by Chris Kirk, there have been a total of 137 fatal school shootings that killed 297 victims since 1980. The consequences of school shootings not only cases a lot of innocent people died, but also make campus security vulnerabilities exposed.
Even many people say that, we have a large number of schools, it can’t happens everyday day. But the truth isn’t. Accord to the article of NYTimes by Manny Fernandea, earlier month, an 18-year-old freshman opened fire early Friday at Northern Arizona University’s campus in Flagstaff, and killed one student and other three students got hurt. The things like that happens for real, so for your child 's safety, I think it is time to consider to improve campus security. And direct at these problems, I have 3 solutions to work on those. These are the following: First, build a closed campus, hire more patrols, improve...

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...ion will be benefit of their crisis awareness. Also create an environment or community for reporting. When he finds someone is suspicious, report to other members of community in order to share information and structure a well-connected network within school.
For me, I prefer the third one that enhance their ability of self-protection. It’s the best way can not only reducing cost money but also get to the goal effectively. I saw from Violence and School Shootings by Daniel J. Flannery & William Modzeleski & Jeff M. Kretschmar that during the 10-year period from 1996-2006, 207 student homicides occurred in US schools, an average of 21 deaths per year which is terrific. I understand that school shootings are not all the same, but I believe it will be getting better if we pay more attention. Next time, we will be ready for the emergency and protect ourselves in ASU.

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