Camping with my Dad's Family in Indiana Essay

Camping with my Dad's Family in Indiana Essay

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For the last thirteen summers, my dad and I have made our annual expedition to Versailles, Indiana, for a week, so that we can go camping with my dad’s three brothers, cousins, and their children, which is about 20 Graver men in all, at the same camp site that holds so many memories of years past events, and soon to be events. When we camp there are three procedures that we follow: we eat when we are hungry, we sleep when we are tired, and we must be at the campground pool at 11:00 a.m., so we can be in our traditional location. If we are not at the pool or the campsite, then we are riding our bikes around the campground, enjoying God’s art and handiwork. This is the shortest week out of the entire year, but by far the most enjoyable week, just because it is the only time of the year that I get to see my dad’s side of the family. The trip on the way to Indiana is high spirited, while the trip on the way back is heartbreaking. While some people dream about living in or creating a utopian society, we live in a utopian society for one week, if you want to know how this is possible, just continue to read the essay.
Now while some might think that preparing for a seven day camping expedition might be complicated, it is actually quite the contrary. Because of the male dominance and high levels of testosterone present while camping, we do not have to pack seven different outfits; instead we pack three or four because we can wear the same thing two days in a row, at odds with modern belief today. Next on our list is to get my dad’s 1998 Ford Windstar serviced to make sure that it will transport us our desired destination, because it would be catastrophic if we did not make it. As was almost the case on year when we had van trouble, fortu...

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... dad’s family in Indiana, I know that there is nowhere else I would rather be. To see the sights, to smell the smells and to live the moments is something that is very dear to me. Maybe it is the fact that I can go the entire week without a shirt on and not be looked down upon; maybe it is only having to eat, sleep, and live; or maybe it is the time that I spend with my dad’s side of the family. I do not know the exact reason why, but I know that the time spent at the Graver campout is something to behold and cherished by all. Also the jokes of the week are funny, plus preserving the male Graver spirit is great. I can safely say that the week goes by the fastest, but sadly takes the longest to get here. We are in a utopia for a single week and maybe one day our simple camping style will become the world’s way of living, it would just make the world a better place.

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