Camping: The Rescue of Jack and Taylor Essay

Camping: The Rescue of Jack and Taylor Essay

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“I have a surprise for you!” Jack yelled as he pushed open the door to his modest, one-bedroom apartment that he shared with his wife, Taylor. They were both still young, so they could not afford a huge extravagant house in the country, but they were happy to live in the hustle and bustle of the loud New York.
“What is it?” responded Taylor, peeking around the corner from the kitchen. She was trying to stifle her amusement at Jack’s excitement.
“In honor of our one year anniversary, we are going camping!”
“Camping? Where? We live in the middle of the city!”
“We are going to drive to the Appalachian Mountains, about forty-five minutes from here! It will take about 4 days: two days up, two days down.” Jack seemed so excited, Taylor could not possibly say no. She had always loved adventure, so she thought she would give hiking a try.
A couple weeks later, Taylor was frantically running around the apartment making sure they had everything they needed. Jack was standing at the door, laughing. Finally they were going to leave for the trip they had been eagerly anticipating. Once they reached the mountains, they parked their car and bundled up to prepare for the cold, winter weather they were in. They had read magazines, articles, and blogs about what to do and what not to do while going hiking for a few days. They believed that they were experts. But no column of National Geographic could have prepared them for this.
Jack and Taylor made their way deeper and deeper into the ridges of the Appalachian Mountains. Night came, and they had made a substantial amount of progress during their first day of hiking. They set up camp and tried to stay warm with blankets and a fire. The next morning, they woke up to a sheet of snow covering ...

... middle of paper ...

...ake out someone outside of the tent. They instantly knew that they had finally found the lost couple.
They got out their ropes and rescue equipment and quickly got Taylor and Jack into the safety of the helicopter. Jack and Taylor thanked God and cried tears of joy for their unbelievable rescue. They took the couple straight to the hospital because they were terribly malnourished. Two weeks in the snow with barely any food definitely took a toll on them, especially Taylor. Their friends were just happy that Jack and Taylor were safe and going to be okay.
The next day they were free to go home. They immediately crashed on the couch, without even taking their shoes off. Jack looked at Taylor and mumbled, “I am never ever going camping again.”
“Agreed,” responded Taylor, letting out a little laugh. And they have not been back to the Appalachian Mountains ever since.

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