Camping Is A Great Experience For Kids Essay

Camping Is A Great Experience For Kids Essay

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Camping is fun, if you don 't mind bugs, heat, peeing behind a tree, and perpetual dampness. But there is something about sitting beside a roaring fire with friends that makes all the discomfort of the outdoors seem insignificant at the time. Camping is a great experience for kids, especially in this hi-tech day and age when the most outdoor exposure many kids get is the jungle background on their computer. If you are thinking about going camping with your kids, or someone else 's kids, you should keep in mind the following.

Unless you strive in 100% humidity and 100 degree temperatures the middle of the summer is not the best time to plan a camping trip. Spring and Fall are much better suited for spending long periods of time outdoors when the climate is more temperate. If you do decide to brave the summer heat and set up camp anyway, make sure there is plenty of shade and you have lots of ice or ice packs on hand to keep cool with. A few ice cubes wrapped in paper towels and placed on the back of the neck does wonders when it 's scorching outside.

Everyone 's camping list will vary but there are a few essentials everyone should pack like trash bags and baby wipes. Even if you don 't have a child in diapers, baby wipes are a must. Camping is a dirty endeavor and baby wipes come in really handy when you want to get clean quickly without trekking to a bath house. Many state parks and campgrounds are carry in carry out facilities, meaning you are responsible for your own trash. Even if they provide dumpsters or trash cans you can never have to many trash bags. Trash bags are also great for storing dirty clothes and transporting soft or non-breakable items.

When arrive at your camping destination keeping kids quiet and busy while ...

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...side very damp and clammy. The same rule applies in cold weather so always allow air to circulate.

An often neglected step in camping is correct site selection and preparation. A tent should be pitched on a section of land that is higher than it 's surroundings to ensure that water doesn 't flow to it during rainfall. A trench to divert runoff away from the tent and immediate area should also be dug about eight inches from the tent walls and should be V shaped.

One last thing that is very important is to ensure that after wet weather all equipment is dried before re-use. If damp or wet items are left in the closed tent and not aired out they will become very uncomfortable for the rest of the trip. Hang wet items over tree limbs or erect an A-frame and allow items to air dry.

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