The Campbell Family And Mugabe The Authoritarian Ruler Of Zimbabwe Essay

The Campbell Family And Mugabe The Authoritarian Ruler Of Zimbabwe Essay

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The focus on the film was the Campbell family and Mugabe the authoritarian ruler of Zimbabwe. The role of the Campbell family was one of a victim being wronged by the Zimbabwean government because of Mugabe’s Land distribution policy. The role of Mugabe was the party wronging not only the Campbell family but other white Africans in Zimbabwe. The Campbell family’s relationship with the state is that of farmers and Mugabe is the authoritarian leader in charge of the country. The political context of this film is when Mugabe is implementing his Land distribution policy. What we can learn about the film along with the readings is how not only were the white Africans or in this case the white farm owners affected but also the other residents of the country were being taken advantage of. Mugabe made many people suffer and used people to get what he wanted because he truly believed that Zimbabwe was “his”.
This film takes place between the Campbell farm among others in Zimbabwe and the SADC International court. These locations are important because they show the most important part of the...

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