Cameroon : The Secret Of Peace Documentary Essay

Cameroon : The Secret Of Peace Documentary Essay

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As I began to skim through many of the film choices for this paper, I wanted to choose a film not just to watch it for the sake of the project but a film that I can really relate to personally. So the film that I chose was Cameroon : The Secret of Peace documentary. The documentary starts with a quote that captivated my attention and drawn me closer to the film right away. A quote by Michael Kammo states “What divides us is insignificant, what unites us is deeper.” This quote really sets the tone of love and unity of the people of Cameroon in the rest of the film. Africa is a place where it 's known for chaos and sickness. However, Cameroon remains to true ethnic and religious peace since its independence in 1960. The real question is how were they able to keep peace? The answer was through unconditional love and compassion towards one another. By understanding everyone’s background and listening to where they were coming from resulted in peace and nonviolent community in Cameroon. With great leaders of different religion that engage in smaller and less developed communities has made Cameroon a peaceful country. The film reveals the different lifestyle of each Cameroonian families and how even with different religion in each household, they can still have peace among families and not have conflicts with each other.
The readings that this particular film best reflects to is from Chapter 9 of Cruel Creeds Virtuous Violence of Religion and Nonviolence. In this reading evaluates on how religion can be a contributing factor to all violence. Specifically, Marc Gopin states “through our long human history, religion has been a major contributor to war,bloodshed, hatred, and intolerance”(Eller,Cruel Creeds Virtuous, 332). On the other han...

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... likely not discuss religion with their spouse since political topics are much more popular than religion in the United States. In the readings on U.S. Peace, illustrates this instance ideally. “It is certainly true that the relation between religion and politics in America has been singularly smooth. This is in large part due to the dominant tradition”(Bellah, 13, Civil Religion in America). This reveals that politics and religion play a huge factor in the lives of American citizens. All in all, we should learn from Cameroon and this film that although we may come from different beliefs and religious values, we should respect one another to create peace among each other. The takeaway is that although many citizens of Cameroon are struggling, they live in peace every day with gratefulness due to their strong beliefs and values of love and respect towards each other.

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