Essay on Cameras And Surveillance At Shopping Centers

Essay on Cameras And Surveillance At Shopping Centers

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Have you ever wondered about all the cases that would go unsolved if it weren’t thanks to the use of cameras? Or even worse all the innocent people who could be incarcerated? Well, according to the telegraph in the UK almost seven out of ten murders are solved using footage captured by CCTV in Scotland. Thanks to the improvement in technology we’ve been able to communicate effectively from different places of the world and through different forms. One of these many popular improvements is a camera. Yes, the ones we use for social media such as snapchat, instagram and for selfies. Cameras have the capability to record, take pictures and entertain, but most importantly we depend on them for communication. Through pictures and videos cameras serve to communicate not only by talking, but also as proof and evidence, which often speak for themselves. Ordinary people aren’t the only ones who use cameras, but authorities use them as well for safety purposes. Cameras are used for surveillance at shopping centers, on the street and possibly even at school. So, if we use them for safety purpose, why not use them to enforce justice. By requiring policemen to wear body cameras, both the public and policeman will be better protected against violence, and injustice.
Acknowledging that we are all humans who make mistakes, and that we aren’t always one hundred percent honest, it is important that we secure our people from injustice if we have the necessary measures. Through the use of cameras on police both the public and policeman will be better insured or accusations and violence. Unfortunately, not even policemen are always right. In the 2014 case of Michael Brown, an eighteen year old, African American, who was unarmed, was fatally shot by a ...

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...purposes yet, could serve even more effectively if we require policemen to wear them when encountering the public. Body cameras, will reduce the amount of violence, benefit not only the public but also policeman and most importantly enforce justice! Which is the main goal.

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