The Camera Has Changed The Life Of Every Single Person Essay examples

The Camera Has Changed The Life Of Every Single Person Essay examples

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The camera has changed the life of every single person in the modern world. The camera has affected everything from the transportation industry to politics to just relaxing at home. So how exactly did such an influential piece of technology come to be? The history of the camera goes back about 2600 years
The Chinese and Greek are the first recorded people to figure out that when light shines through a small hole it creates an image on the opposite side of the incoming light. In about 330 BC the next person to study these optic laws was Aristotle, a great and respected philosopher, when he noticed that when light shined through a square hole it made a circular image. Aristotle studied the optic laws and figured out that if there was a box with a small hole in it, then light could shine through the hole and create an upside down image in the back of the box; this was the beginning of the pinhole camera. It was about 1330 years later in about 1000 AD when someone else would study optic laws, that person was Alhazen. During the middle ages, Alhazen was a master of the optic laws and created the first pinhole camera. Alhazen was able to perfect the optic laws the Aristotle only studied, he was able to create something that Aristotle only dreamed of. Alhazen’s pinhole camera, also known as the camera obscura, was primarily used by artists, who painted what the sun drew.
The next milestone in the history of the camera was during the summer of 1827 when an inventor named Joseph Nicephore Niepce took the first heliograph, “heilo” meaning sun, “graph” meaning prints. Niepce made a picture by coating a metal plate with a thick layer of bitumen, a chemical Johann Heinrich Schulze had discovered. Schulze noticed that a chemical he was working...

... middle of paper ... gives digital cameras so much potential is that there are only so many chemicals and chemical mediums that can be used in photography, but with digital, the potential in endless. Other reasons digital is so highly favored it because they can be super small, or super large to zoom in to super faraway places
The camera has evolved from a hole in a box to a little electrical device with endless potential. Its history is full of bumps and turns like the first pictures being upside down, requiring an eight hour exposure, and the case of the vanishing picture. Because of its well experimented history the camera isn’t just a form of entertainment, but can be used as a tool, like the high-speed camera that can catch something that the naked eye can’t see, or the endless potential of the digital camera. The history of the camera is not yet finished, but is just began.

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