Cambrige Style Watch Brand Essay

Cambrige Style Watch Brand Essay

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executive summary 3
company background : 4
vision: 4
mission: 4
future strategy: 4
target markerting: 5
market competation: 6
Strength: 7
Weakness: 7
Opportunities: 7
Threats: 7
Marketing strategy: 9
1. Product strategy: 9
Advertising: 11
Online media: 12
Facebook: 12

Executive summary

Cambridge style is the large single luxury watch brand in earth; this company produces about 6,000 watches per year in china.
This study is a collaborative project for marketing course, 2 students who are trying to make marketing for this brand in Lebanon by using some marketing concepts (4ps strategy, SWOT analysis and target marketing, etc…) implementation.
This study introduces Cambridge full profile and its product as well as its background, vision and mission. The 4ps strategy is a core part of this project in addition to future strategy and its implementation.
A total of 50000$ is the total to marketing this brand, which feasible excellent for any investor want to be partner in our brand.


Cambridge style is the largest single luxury watch brand on earth. Nothing says timeless elegance like Cambridge style.
Cambridge style watch produce about 6,000 watches per year.
We start Manufactured in 2011and we are the owner of Cambridge.
Company Overview
Cambridge style is a PRC watchmaking manufacture of high quality luxury wristwatches.
Cambridge style watches are popularly regarded as stat symbols and business WRISTWATCHES.
Our vision to strengthen our leading position in the industry by prov...

... middle of paper ...

By put pictures of the new style of Cambridge, and where the place that the find it and the number of phone

The website include links will displayed on homepage include Facebook. That helps
The user too easily to connect with Cambridge social media. The website includes categories of product and the price of each.

An official page is created and mentioned, which all the information will be update in page that all the people and the fans can interact.


This marketing budget is for 2014 10 2016:

item Current year 2015 2016
Market research 10000$ 10000$ 10000$
Website 550$ 0$ 0$
Advertising 36450$ 37000$ 37000$
Special events 3000$ 3000$ 3000$
Total 50000$ 50000$ 50000$

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