Essay on Cambodia: Behind Modern Times

Essay on Cambodia: Behind Modern Times

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Cambodia is a very different small country somewhat behind modern times when compared to other countries of Pacific Asia. Lacking a solid infrastructure, industry, war stricken culture and low literacy rates greatly contribute to Cambodia falling behind modern times. Growing foreign and international relations aid in its development. While perhaps lacking modern comforts, Cambodia’s influence on history and world politics continues to develop and grow. This growth is very important to the future of the country. Continued developments in Cambodia demonstrate how a world of friendly nations can prosper and live peacefully. The goal of the United Nations and peaceful nations should be to demonstrate this ability.
Cambodia falls behind most of the world in a multitude of areas. One of these areas is literacy. Literacy plays an important role in many things. The literacy rate of an area or country can act as a benchmark to many other major categories. These categories can include or affect the gross domestic product, standard of living, urban growth, and life expectancy. These major categories indicate the prosperity of the nation. The effects of literacy have little effect on the unemployment rate however. The importance of literacy is obvious and appears to have been lost on Cambodia. As many things literacy effect also affects literacy. Infrastructure is a large indication of both of these factors. Cambodia’s literacy rate of 73.9% (Cental Intelligence Agency) shows lots of room for improvement. The government takes important strides to improve this percentage. Obvious reasons show that functional literacy is vital to the countries prosperity. This single rate influences a multitude of areas. The areas includ...

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...ral country aches for the aid of wealthy nations. Further national economical, political and infrastructure growth will build this new, young government into a prospering country poised for the future. These operational variables develop the current direction Cambodia is moving will. This direction should bring great prosperity to the country. The independent and determined populous power this young and growing nation into what it one day is. Cambodia is without a doubt a growing nation with vast room for improvement. With such room for growth and strong movements towards success, there is no reason to believe that Cambodia will remain in its state of poverty and ancient ways. These ancient ways are not a hindrance on the countries growth. The culture is important to maintain and preserve. Preservation of the culture will direct the country in the future.  

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