Essay on Calorie Restriction For Weight Loss

Essay on Calorie Restriction For Weight Loss

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Calorie Restriction for Weight Loss is Dangerous
The act of calorie restriction without medical supervision is by no means a healthy practice. It is easy to assume that subtracting from the regular consumption of calories would create a weight loss of body fat. However, not all instances of this case are true. Creating a caloric deficit by simply eating less often results in losing muscle tissue. Weight loss often becomes a complicated, paradoxical system involving many bodily systems becoming depleted of energy that simply do not need to be. Psychological stress, malnutrition, and disruption of bodily systems are important factors that make calorie restriction dangerous.
First of all, psychological stress can be experienced during a period of over-restricting calories. Psychological stress can often be unintentional harm to the dieter. There are many types of psychological stress that can be experienced by the dieter. Three common stressors experienced are obsessive behavior, eating disorders, and various abnormal emotional actions.
Generally speaking, it starts out simple. The dieter is trying to shave off a few calories to create a deficit for weight loss. As the dieter observes and records more food, they begin to realize some foods are higher in calories than others. Next the importance of fulfilling a proper nutrient intake is thrown out the window. All the dieter cares about is the lowest number possible. For example, where a protein source such as chicken breast would have been the first choice, the dieter now chooses something like a one hundred calorie snack pack. More often than not foods like this are over processed and stripped of important nutrients to create a low caloric number. Food becomes ...

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...lnourishment can lead to the body’s inability to absorb fat. The inability to absorb fat only worsens the malnutrition.
The development of Malnutrition is no longer only associated with the poor. Malnutrition can now become associated with calorie restriction diets. Malnutrition can quickly become a complicated enter tangled mess involving eating disorders and important bodily systems related to the over restriction of calories. The dieter may not realize that by trying to lose weight he or she is is becoming malnourished. Malnutrition is doing more harm than good for the dieter as it is damaging many organs essential to the body’s proper functioning.
Lastly, the body has many systems. Most of the time the systems function together in sync. When something like over-restricting calories happens, the body is fighting for nutrients that

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