Call Of Duty is a Parasite in the Gaming Industry Essay

Call Of Duty is a Parasite in the Gaming Industry Essay

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Call of Duty, also known as “Cod” has, as many know it as, has become one of todays most popular video games. So popular, that Cod has raked in more money than the highest grossing movie in America. However, despite it’s popularity, Cod is killing the gaming industry. Many may be puzzled why a game so popular could possibly be ruining the gaming industry, but it is. Cod is affecting the gaming industry through it’s popularity and influence. First however, One must know the reasons for Call of Duties popularity and how it achieved it’s fame.
Call of Duty’s fourth installment “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” was released in 2007 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. At the time, nobody would have expected the game to get very far due to Halo’s reign over the FPS genre. However, to many people’s surprise, Modern Warfare took the market by storm, rivaling Halo. This was part due to Cod’s innovative multiplayer, which included multiple arcade-like features to keep players interested in playing for hours on end. Cod also appealed to many gamers and non-gamers by making gameplay an easy-to-play experience. This of course allowed thousands of inexperienced gamers to have fun playing Cod without the stress of a skill based multiplayer, such as Halo’s. Increasing in popularity, a new Cod installment was to be released every year following Modern Warfare to rake in the cash and to make the game’s reputation more prominent. This is how Cod became the juggernaut it is today.
Instead of the franchises popularity having a positive impact, overtime, it infected the gaming market along with it’s consumers and developers such as Microsoft Game Studios and EA. It has become an aggrandized cancer on the face of video games everywhere, destroying franchises a...

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...ped away, weapons became horribly unbalanced and redundant, and the Boltshot if any of you know what I’m talking about. I mean, just imagine, lets pick your favorite saga and trash it with another you hate. Wouldn’t that suck? Anyways, I’ll never get Halo back.
Now you see why I hate CoD so much and why go out of my way to provide the evidence that supports its mediocrity . CoD is truly overrated and will destroy many more potential ideas for games down the line due to corporate control over certain developers. Many will share the same fate as I; and it will hurt. Please realize that this game really isn’t what its cut out to be and understand its damaging effects not only on the gaming industry, but gamers themselves.

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