Essay on Caligula and his Tyrannous Reign

Essay on Caligula and his Tyrannous Reign

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Rome – of course, was not built in a day… but its fabrication was indubitably helped by its many great rulers, such as; Aurelius and Augustus. However, on the other end of the parameter, there is infamous Caligula.
Caligula was born as Gaius Augustus Germanicus, on August 31st, 12 CE, to Germanicus and Agrippina “The Elder”. Although, as a child, he strutted around in pint-sized caligae (Roman soldiers’ footwear), because even then - parents enjoyed draping their progeny in their lineal attire. He wore his getup while accompanying his father, Germanicus, on campaign. Shortly thereafter, Germanicus’ troops referred to the little rascal as Caligula, meaning “little boots”, and it stuck – even in spite of Gaius’ supposed discontent with the name.

Caligula’s family fell and tore apart as he was a mere child.
After his mother, Agrippina, married Germanicus, she accompanied him as his advisor and consul. As fate would have it, Germanicus died, suspiciously – nonetheless. After his death, Agrippina blatantly accused foes of foul play. She also stood against Tiberius, the successor. For this grasp of slander, she was whipped, beaten, and flogged until she could bear no more. Not only beaten, but sent to prison; she starved herself to death.

In the light of Germanicus’ death, Caligula’s family had drifted out of the heart of Tiberius, who then saw the brothers, sisters, and mother of Caligula to be rivals. He accused all of such of treason. To which they all were either exiled, or imprisoned. Thus was the death of the family – all except “little boots”, himself.
Tiberius had taken Caligula to the isle of Capri to reside. Where he indulged all of Caligula’s most sadistic and masochistic endeavors. This is to ...

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... although, many of the senate and equestrians were rumored to have had knowledge of the plan.

To start off a teased child, an alumni to greatness, was his upbringing.
Though, his choices and conceit had made him expendable, and made him fallible.
The credit to his downfall goes to himself. He brought upon the fall of “Caligula and his Tyrannous Reign”.

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