Essay about California's Voter Opinion on Obama's Performance

Essay about California's Voter Opinion on Obama's Performance

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California Voter Opinion on Obama’s Performance
As of December 2013, the Field Poll began releasing survey data regarding California voter opinion on various topics like the decriminalization of marijuana and political official ratings. One poll, completed through telephone interviews, took place from November 14 to December 1, 2013 with the first study revealing increasing disapproval of President Obama and his administration. California’s disapproval rating of 43 percent can be seen as a reflection of the nation’s overall low approval rating. Results of the Huffington Post’s nationwide poll expressed a 41.5 percent approval rate and 53.4 percent disapproval rate. The Field Poll discovered that the President’s strongest supporters, which include independent voters, Latinos, and women were amongst the greatest demographic subgroups to express opposition. Overall, 55% of California voters feel that the U.S. is heading in the wrong direction, which ties into the President’s low performance ratings.
Surveys were conducted on a voter’s landline phone or cell phone by interviewers from the Field Research Corporation’s headquarters in San Diego. A maximum of six calls were made to reach, screen, and interview randomly selected registered voters at different days and times. Each individual was asked six questions based on President Obama’s performance handling major issues and the nation’s current state. This particular poll fails to report the questions asked when screening voters, which could be a major flaw in many telephone surveys. There is a possibility that the individual answering the phone is not the indicated voter. It is also likely that some of the voters participating in this telephone survey lied and/or were not competen...

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...rtunity to voice their opinion about the President. Interviewing more than 2000 registered voters could also decrease the margin of error and produce more accurate results.
Overall, the Field Poll’s survey attempts to convey California’s perception of Obama’s performance in handling certain measures. The data is separated into segments that make it simple for anyone to analyze and understand. However, the survey displays weaknesses in the areas of sampling technique, wording of questions, method of implementation, and sample size. Failure to obtain more participants for this poll proves to be the biggest flaw because 766 opinions out of 18.1 million voters is not enough data to describe a whole population. Voter views are constantly changing while the President is in office. Thus, it would be beneficial to gather large samples of California’s views semi-annually.

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