California’s Splashy Splash Scarcity Essay

California’s Splashy Splash Scarcity Essay

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California is going through the worse drought it has faced in many decades. It is not just the lack of rain we received last year, but poor management of our water resources which worsen the drought. The mere idea of running out of water is not to be taken lightly, only a small amount on our planet is safe for human consumption; keeping that in mind Californians must face the necessity to rationalize water in order to cope with the concurrent crisis. The practice of rationing will help maintain water levels. The expected result of this calamity is water shortages and a major impact in the agricultural level across our entire state. The public needs to realize their need to start conserving water. A major turning point capable of making the best out of the terrible water scarcity California faces, but the key strategy lays into outlast this natural phenomenon. The sheer heat we are facing in areas in California demonstrates the drought is possibly going to last longer than anyone can come to expect. This year is highly becoming the driest it has been in California reaching minimum levels of water storage through the whole state. Robin Wilkey an editor at the Huffington Post points out, in “California Has Driest Year Ever -- And It May Get Worse”; The drought is a serious threat to California has Robin mentions, “2013 was the driest year since the state started measuring rainfall in 1849” (par. 3). Residents in California should suffer the consequences in due time, if a plan is not developed accordingly.
Rationing can bring wide view of how important water is to plenty of California residents. This will up bring awareness that we don’t have as much water as everyone comes to believe. This drought is a sign that many Californians ne...

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