California University Education: A Fading Dream Essay

California University Education: A Fading Dream Essay

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Universities in California, especially UC Berkley and University of Southern California are ranked so high in the nation that foreign students yearn to study in California in order to get more chances to work in well-known companies such as Apple and Silicon Valley. The quality of schools and education people can get decides how many chances and how many possibilities to be close to success. According to Jennifer Medina, “During a 1960s renaissance, California’s public university system came to be seen as a model for the rest of the country and an economic engine for the state”. The uniquely structured California education system, which provides students with higher education and convenient transfer, attracts an increasing rate of foreign students intend to get education in California instead of other states. Those foreign students, who are not qualified to get into UC or cannot afford such high tuitions, can apply to CSU or CCC at the beginning, and then transfer to UC which is most students’ dream school. Despite the advantages of the California education system enjoys, the extreme budget cuts, growth tuition and increasing population however overturn what foreign students imagined about universities in California, and the result is that most foreign students cannot realize their California dreams about education in California.
The government cuts budget for universities caused problems that hinder foreign students to realize their California dreams. As Jennifer Medina has noted, “The state’s two systems were each cut by $650 million, and they each could lose $100 million more if the state’s optimistic revenue expectations do not materialize. For both systems, the $650 million is roughly twenty percent cut of operating mone...

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...lete California education system may enables most international students complete their dreams here.

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