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The California 's Prison System Essays

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California’s prison system is covering a number of infrastructure differences as a consequence of a judicial arrangement that came from the United States Supreme Court, Governor of California et al v. Plata et al. California’s prison system was presumed inadequate and dangerous owed to serious overcrowding which led to “needless suffering and death” (Rogan, 2012, 262). Governor of California et al v. Plata et al. court ruled that the State must cut down the number of inmates in California’s state prisons. This ruling was derived after two class-action lawsuits were filed, Coleman v. Wilson in 1990 and Plata v. Davis in 2001 (Rogan, 2012, 261). Coleman v. Wilson in 1990 and Plata v. Davis in 2001 were filed by inmates that alleged California’s thirty-three state prisons health care system inadequately provided them with the necessary medical and mental health care (Vicini, 2011,1). The data granted in the cases demonstrated considerable shortcomings in California 's thirty-three prison’s health care system (Rogan, 2012, 264).
These shortfalls were a consequence of harsh overcrowding in California’s thirty-three state prisons. Found in its spike in 2006, California’s prisons was brimming with roughly 172,000 inmates. However, California’s prison infrastructure’s were only devised to incarcerate a population of about 80,000 individuals (Vicini, 2011, 3). Formerly, California’s State prisons were loaded at 215% past accommodation. Due to severe overcrowding, prison inmates experienced continuous and strict scarcity in essential mental and medical health care services (Vicini, 2011, 1). Undeterred struggles by the CDCR and the parliament to cut down the prisons inmate populace amid 2006 and 2011, the prison populace was exclusively d...

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...ic safety, and conserve public assets. To put an end to the whirling prison door, correctional reform must overthrow politics. The immense amount of offenders reentering to prison underscores the need for California to apply tactics assured to effect crime prevention, while concurrently holding offenders responsible for their actions and self-improvement. The reassessment of the state 's failed policies was proposed by the three-judge court, but change is overdue. California does not have the budget nor the time to construct more prison facilities; prompt and long-term amendments are paramount for the state to adhere with the court 's rulings and avoid future court interference. Then again, public and elected representatives must advocate the imperishable, and efficient changes California desperately needs before the state can take back control of its prison system.

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