California Is Going Through A Water Crisis Essay

California Is Going Through A Water Crisis Essay

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Have you’ve ever just been so thirsty, you just need to drink a tall cold glass of water?
Americans take fresh water for granted, like we will never run out. Americans believe that they
don’t need to conserve fresh water because that is unlimited, but that is untrue. Currently in
California is going through a water crisis. Some of the main problems that led to the water crisis
in California would be high temperatures in the winter, California’s agriculture, California’s
Budget to fix the problem, and how it affected people’s everyday routine.
The Water Crisis in California has been a major problem in the United States. California
has a water shortage in their state. Residents in California didn’t conserve water properly. In the
article 5 Things You Should Know About California’s Water Crisis state “The state (and much of
the West) relies heavily on snowpack each winter to resupply surface water streams and lakes.
Because of a lack of winter storms and record high temperatures this past winter, snowpack in
California is at an all­time low” (Dimick 1). Dennis Dimick explains that one of the reasons that
California is low on fresh water is because during the winter they had an increase in temperature,
which melted a lot of the snow, where they would normally restock on their fresh water.
California is now going on to its fourth year of dealing with this water crisis. This water crisis
also affects California’s agriculture. Farmers are not allowed to constantly water their crops due
Paul­Munoz 2
to the shortage of water. In the article California’s Drought Is Part of a Much Bigger Water
Crisis state “the first cutback to farmers ' water rights since 1977, and ordered cities and towns to
cut water use by as much as 36 percent” (Zamora ...

... middle of paper ...

...r and the water cops catch them multiple times they could be fined up to
$500. Los Angeles has only a little water­implementation program yet has ordered protection
since 2009 and has cut water use by 18 percent. Only a solitary investigator watches the avenues
full time in a city of almost 3.9 million that imports the greater part of its water, a program that is
relied upon to grow to four by summer. With the water cops patrolling the neighborhoods water
is slowly starting to replenish in California.
The best solution would be to just have everyone get installments on new toilets, shower
heads, and faucets that don’t waste more water than they normally would. This solution would be
the best because it’s easy to do and not so much cost efficient.
Therefore, People in the United States must learn how to conserve water, so they don’t
end up in a drought or water crisis.

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