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California Is A Main Supply Of Food Essays

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It will affect California, but it will affect the other states as well because California is a main supply of food. Without the production of food here then there will be no production of food in any other state causing the prices of groceries to increase ridiculously. Stated by Kimberly Chase, “If California production is drastically reduced; the water crisis could affect American kitchens. In an age when people want fresh, local produce, a reduction could ultimately lead to more imports, warns the California Farm Bureau” (Chase 2). With more imports, it could lead to higher prices, fights with other countries, and very unsafe food. There are some very serious health issues with imported items. Other health issues would include fewer showers or baths are being taken which means less hygiene in the state, as well as less flushing in the toilet causing horrid odors and disturbing images.
Others will argue they have been getting too much of a water supply for their crops. Zilberman, Sunding, Howitt, Dinar, and Macdougall shared that, “Agriculture consumes 70 to 80 percent of the state’s developed water supply” (Zilberman, Sunding, Howitt, Dinar, and Macdougall 2). That is too much water going to the crops and it is not fair to the citizens because they also need water to survive. There is probably an excess amount of water as well going to the crops that is wasted and never used. There are many solutions to fixing the problem of no crops and production by growing and selling these necessities in another state and continue to do that until California is back to normal and can grow again. Zilberman, Sunding, Howitt, Dinar, and Macdougall have stated, “… suggests that policy reforms to expand water markets and economic incentives for f...

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...ays and sidewalks, and operating fountains without recirculation. The board authorized fines of up to $500 per day” (Wood 2). Everyone waters their lawns and they use sprinklers or just a hose for their lawns to keep them healthy, fresh, and green. The issue is that people forget to turn their sprinkler off so that is an extreme amount of water being wasted by over watering the grass. They also have no way of stopping the water from coming out of the hose if they do not have a nozzle and that wastes much water that could be saved and used for better purposes. In figure 1 down below, it gives a true look on paper about what is really happening with the citizens of California wasting water on their lawns and pools with how much water they really have in water supplies. It is a big problem that needs to be fixed which is why less water should be used on their land.

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