Essay on California Health And Beauty Claims That Plastic Surgery

Essay on California Health And Beauty Claims That Plastic Surgery

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California Health and Beauty claims that plastic surgery is safe when accomplished by a well certified and trained surgeon. According to California Health and Beauty, patients must follow several guidelines before consulting with a surgeon: capitally explore for credentials and malpractice claims, complete a medical examination prior to surgery, and follow to the doctor 's orders to refrain from certain activities or drugs. (R. Espejo, 2011)
The effects from the recent death of rapper Kanye West 's mother, Dr. Donda West, is causing a large reaction against cosmetic surgery. As early researches attribute the tragedy to "complications from a cosmetic surgical procedure," first public reaction is to avoid cosmetic procedures altogether, deeming them "too risky." However, qualified plastic surgeons are expressed in an attempt to educate the public about the real risk of plastic surgery. (R. Espejo, 2011) In addition, according to Dr. Darshan Shah , cosmetic surgery itself actually bears very minimal risk if you put yourself in the hands of a qualified and certified cosmetic surgery specialist, who has trained and devoted his or her career to the field of plastic surgery. The real risk lies not in the surgery itself, but in the misrepresentation and inexperience of certain surgeons. Dr. Shah suggests patients that the most important thing is research. It is essential that patients do their own research before to even consulting with a surgeon. The public can not trust the media to research a doctor 's qualifications. It has been exposed that Dr. Jan Adams (the doctor involved in the Donda West incident) is not eligible or certified in plastic surgery, and he has been sued numerous times for medical malpractice. Dr. Shah no...

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...ective treatments such as cosmetic surgery are the most popular treatments. Although the PIP implants were not authorized for use in the United States, they were sold to American medical tourists in countries such as Brazil. (Edmonds, A., 2013)
In the following viewpoint, Karen Donley-Hayes purports that an extreme makeover culture is emerging. As procedures and techniques improve and become more affordable, cosmetic surgery has turned from luxury to a prerequisite in a society that emphasizes appearance over merit, Hayes contends. Additionally, global economic and technological forces, she states, promote disposability and constant upgrading; people pursue surgical enhancement to reinvent themselves and remain competitive. Hayes is a contributor to Cosmetic Surgery Times, Dermatology Times, and the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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