Essay on The California Ethos

Essay on The California Ethos

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In 1849, the California Gold Rush attracted the massive people immigrated to gold finding from all over the world. The gold-seekers travelled by the ship boarding in San Francisco port or by feet to leave their hometown and families from west because they believed that they could gain more money and had a better life than their original place. In the early days of California was an unknown place however after the gold-seekers arrived to California growth rapidly with crowded population. Later, the Rocky Mountains establish to be a state which called California. The gold-seekers came over to California because they wanted to achieve their goals for a better life, as they experienced by their hard working and created lots of the potential development in this gold place.
Explain the evolution of the California Ethos during the Gold Rush Era.
During the Gold Rush Era, the gold-seekers brought the evolution in the California from nothing then rapidly change to be a busy town with full of newcomers by their risk-taking and persistence to reach their dreams. The gold-seekers full of risk-taking mind since they took a long journey came from their hometown to California. After the gold-seekers landed in California, they explored a variety of jobs to make the profits as well. Besides, they worked as the miners to search for gold all over the mountains. They also tried to run other business, such as: real estate, new steamboat company
During the period of time, no matter how many times of the failure that they experienced. They still have a strong feeling of the success and achieved their goal before returned home with a great amount of money. After they went through a certain numbers of failures then they felt no shames (Rohrbough). Th...

... middle of paper ...

...nding life skills to pursue the better life by themselves. I can see that the newcomers spent their effort to reach their California dreams as work hard as they could. During the time, they transformed the beginning as a gold miner to explore different kinds of business then developed to the agriculture with the good weather condition. Even though women just used their hands to do the simple works to get rich. Through their creativity business mind, the people aggressive ……………. to look for a fortune and luck in California.

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