The California Drought Of California Essay

The California Drought Of California Essay

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California Drought
For about five years California has experienced above average temperatures and a lack of rain. This lack of rain and snowfall has caused California to become increasingly dry, starting arguments over whose right to water is more important and who needs to be more mindful with their use of water. Farming in California truly began during the gold rush when water was redirected to land where food was grown for those looking for gold (Siegler, 2015). The farmers that have stayed on that land now have senior water rights (“Water wars”, 2015). Farmers that settled their land before 1914 are those with senior water rights (Terrell, 2015). Governor Jerry Brown has called for a cut in water use by one-quarter percent to people living in residential areas (“Water wars”, 2015). This mandate does not include those who farm and need the water to grow crops. This is not only an issue that is important in California, but one that should concern the entire nation due to the fact that fruits, vegetables, and nuts in many grocery stores across the United States come from California. The goods grown there account for about fifty percent of the nation 's supply (“Water wars”, 2015). Should farmers be allowed to use regular amounts of water in California during drought conditions? The major voices in the disagreement over who should receive water rights in California are the farmers, the people living in highly populated areas, government officials and conservationists.
Farmers would like to continue being able to use regular amounts of water, so they can plant their entire fields without having to leave parts unplanted or worry about additional restrictions. About one twentieth of farmland went without being planted in 2014, causi...

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...o their farms and the preservation of the fish population.
The controversy over who should receive water involves the views of more than just the farmers and the people. Even with the drought, farmers must continue to grow crops that are shipped across the country, making this issue important everyone living in the United States. Those that do live in California have more droughts consequences to be concerned with. People must ensure that they have water to drink for themselves. Another essential category, the fish species, contribute to the diversity of the delta, creating a healthy ecosystem that would not thrive without the proper amount of water. Government officials must also deduce who is worthy of continued water use with many restrictions. Certainly, each group needs water in this increasingly dry place, but does one group need the water more than any other?

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