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California is the state that is notable for celebrities, consistent sunny weather, lavishly tasting restaurants, overpriced closet apartments, and dazzling cities full of charismatic gurus. Additionally, there's an eminent array of hipster communities that are striving to be different with attempts of transcending new ways to be outgoing. The liveliness of Californians usually comprises of wannabe musicians, actors, artistic exhibitionist, and other infamous people who are dying for their fifteen minutes of fame. On this obscure land mass there's always something going on, from minor social interactions, to endless arrangement of concerts, to the uppermost skimpy dressing parties. Ironically, there better be some sort of social gathering going on, since California consists of over 39 million inhabitants.( With a comprehensive population like that, there shouldn't be any socializing issues what so ever. Along with the inclusive population, California consists of multicultural facets ranging from restaurants to neighborhoods of different ethnic resonances, although the Western cities themselves are quite diverse. I believe that the diversion is what helps the communities of California radiate their poise. Likewise, California is probably the most extroverted municipal in the United States of America.
For instance, in my home town of Santa Monica there's always different types of people hanging out and having a gregarious time. There are usually the cool people who would go clubbing or bar hopping every weekend and end up looking like a hot mess. Relatively speaking that's one of my friends Jimmy Vongsanith a native of San Diego, California. As he once told me “If you haven't been c...

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...annually. ( (
Conversely the expense of living in California is ridiculous compared to many states, but I believe that's a factor to look in while residing in any urban metropolis. Therefore, if you wish to live in California and don't have a spectacular job then in my opinion you should live in the outer metro areas. Personally, from experience it can be cheaper and there's less traffic to deal with. Briefly put, California may have its niches, but nonetheless it’s an amazing state that provides a cozy Mediterranean climate, a rich complexity of social butterflies, a conglomerate of healthy appetizers from different ethnicities, and an eccentric indie scene that delivers entertainment.

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