California Dream Act Of The United States Essay

California Dream Act Of The United States Essay

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People have traveled far and wide to the United States because of the many opportunities the country has to offer. Due to the fact that the United States offers so many opportunities immigrants have come to the United States to seek those opportunities such as getting jobs to have a better income for their families and better education for their children. For example, the education they wanted to provide for their children is beyond what they can imagine. They can get the California Dream Act, this was introduced as a bill in 2001, it meant to allow alien minors to attain residency and an education, and this led to California Dream Act, which benefitted Mexicans for the most part. This Dream Act gave students who were not from the United States to have a higher education and be able to attend the school they wanted. They provide them with money and assistance in order for these students to succeed. This is for undocumented students who grew up in the United States. This is a big part of why Mexican parents want to come into the United States; for their children to have a better future. This impacted the United States in both positive and negative ways. The impact on the economy was positive but is now going downhill. The United States has introduced the Arizona 's SB 1070 Bill. This bill which was passed in April 2010 and reflects the measures that have been taken at the state level to decrease immigration. Though this bill was only introduced in Arizona, it is representative of some of the measures taken nationwide. This bill made racial profiling more common in Arizona. Its constitutionality led to debates throughout the nation.
The United States thought they had lost control of the borders and said there were too many illegal i...

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... by using SS numbers that do not belong to them and having taxes deducted from their checks but earning so little they get doesn’t come close to what they use , social services. ANother important thing was taking up space in prison and paying for the utilities and medical they needed in prison. One main thing was applying disproportionately for welfare, WIC, EBT, and section 8 housing in names of their children. Also, driving ER’s and trauma centers out of business for not paying the bills, since we can not track illegal immigrants. Extra policing was needed because of the drug cartels that had come over from immigration and were taking advantage of the situation. A mass number of non English speakers came into the county, which forced schools to hire extra staff and state, county and municipal agencies to employ translators and print materials in several languages.

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