The California County Department Of Social Services Essay

The California County Department Of Social Services Essay

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The Fresno County Department of Social Services mission statement is “The Fresno County Department of Social Services (DSS) serves some of the most ethnically and culturally diverse communities in the State of California. Our programs are designed to promote services to ensure that individuals and families will be safe, self sufficient, healthy, out of trouble at home, in school or at work”. The In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program provides services include house cleaning, shopping, cooking, laundry, grocery shopping and personal care to low-income elderly individuals or disabled or blind individuals to remain safely in their home.
For the purpose of this assignment, I interview a social worker at In Home Supportive Services, Christina Chaparro. Chaparro has been with IHSS as a social worker for 10 months. Prior to her current position at IHSS, Chaparro has worked at the Fresno County Department of Social Services as an eligibility worker and a social worker aide. Chaparro shared with me that she is responsible for 346 cases as well as completing needs assessment, home visit, sending out letters to clients regarding home visit appointment, write narratives, answering phone calls, returning phone call, provide referral to clients, and creating IHSS applications. When I asked Chaparro how many clients IHSS serve a month, Chaparro informed me an intake social worker is require to complete 22 application, ongoing social worker complete 25 applications and a social worker whom work in the rural area complete 20 applications per month.
In regards to what specific programs and strategies Chaparro use when working with IHSS clients, Chaparro recommends social worker to have a list of resources and referral available such as Alz...

... middle of paper ...

...s I can establish relationships with clients. I will also need to be very familiar and know about community services or community opportunities for clients, and community network for client referral.
I am truly appreciative of this assignment. As I learned and understood more about the role Chaparro has on the impact of clients’ lives, my respect for her grew more. This assignment also allowed me to reflect on the development of my work ethic and help me recognize what I still need to develop and strengthen. Overall, I feel self-satisfied with my chose to pursue in the social work profession and look forward to help assist and guide clients to reach their maximum potential in life. One of the many reasons why I chose to be in this great professional was because I want to help clients to promote and aspire them to be successful and to strive for their dreams.

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