Cake Decorating: Homemade or Store Bought? Essay

Cake Decorating: Homemade or Store Bought? Essay

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There are so many reasons to need a cake; from birthdays to weddings and everything in-between. When a cake is needed; the first question I ask myself is, do I make it or go to the store? Sometimes we order a cake when we need one; pre-made and decorated. Other times we make them and their decorations. Depending on the circumstances in which the cake is needed one of the choices may work more effectively. How does someone know to buy or make a cake? There is a lot to consider when choosing to make a cake with love or buy one from the store.
One thing we should think about when we need a cake; is the amount of time we have to get it where it needs to be. When someone buys a cake they have two choices when it comes to time. They can pick a pre-made cake or place an order for one. Time does not affect us when we pick a pre-made cake. However, when ordering a cake place the order as soon as possible. It still takes the baker time to cook and decorate it (especially if it is large or detailed). When making your own decorations a lot more time is needed. Even more time if someone is new to decorating. The last cake I made for my son took 22 hours to decorate and cost 20 dollars to make (would have cost close to 100 at a store). From forming Mario and Yoshi out of rice crispy treats; to painting the figures with frosting, which was no easy task. Frosting tends to dry quickly so water must be added frequently to avoid this. When there is a date a cake is due by; keep the amount of time needed in mind, before tackling large decorating tasks.
Another thing to keep in mind when deciding to make or buy a cake is the price. When buying cake from a bakery or store they tend to be on the more expensive side. One must remember the person dec...

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... the flavor and decorations are things they like. If not why buy it for them. I believe making anything means more than simply buying it. If making the cake is the choice it will usually be appreciated way more. This is because someone cared enough to go through the trouble to work so hard on something special. We tend to like things that come from the heart more than the wallet. Even if the cake was falling apart or ugly as can be they will love it.
So next time a cake is needed remember these tips when deciding to make and decorate or order and buy cakes. If something more personal with more feeling is needed try making a cake. Also remember to have enough time to finish decorating before the cake is needed. If time is against us buying would work best. When making choices always look at the pros and cons of each decision before making the final choice.

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