Essay on The Cajun and Creole Culture of Lousiana

Essay on The Cajun and Creole Culture of Lousiana

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The culture of Louisiana is not one general set of customs and beliefs shared by all those who live in the area. Louisiana is a state in which many different elements are mixed together to create what can be described as Southern Louisianan culture. The two most predominant elements which make up the culture within the southern region of the state are the cultures of the Creoles and the Cajuns, which have many different influences within them. A complex blend of many different elements including religion, language, music, and food, create the unique culture of the Cajuns and the Creoles in the region of Southern Louisiana.
The Cajuns are considered to be descendants of Acadian exiles who live mostly within the state of Louisiana. The French colonized the region of Acadia which is now Nova Scotia and the Acadians were the French colonists who lived in the area. However there were also English colonists in the area and the groups didn’t get along well. The French lost Nova Scotia to the British in a war which led to the Treaty of Utrecht (signed in 1713) which formally named Acadia as a British territory (Dormon, 39). The treaty forced the Acadians to swear an oath of allegiance to the British crown which they refused because this would require them to renounce their Catholic religion for that of the Anglican church, because of this the likelihood of another war with the French was high. The Acadians refusal to swear an oath to the British caused the British to order a deportation of the Acadians who then fled with whatever they could carry. In 1784, the King of Spain consented to allowing the Acadians to settle in Southern Louisiana. However when the Acadians arrived they had some issues with the French aristocracy who didn’t rea...

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