Essay on Caffeine And Energy Drinks And Coffee

Essay on Caffeine And Energy Drinks And Coffee

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In the contemporary era, caffeine has been perceived as a perfect drug that is not only cheap but also legal and easily available for users. For a population that often complains about stress, exhaustion, fatigue and insomnia, caffeine seems like an impeccable antidote. Several people ignore how this drug impacts the functioning of the brain and the body in general (Edlund, 2010). This study seeks to project a discussion that compares and contrasts two different sources of caffeine; energy drinks and terms of
The chief similarity between coffee drinks and energy drinks is that they both contain large amounts of caffeine (Edlund, 2010). Often, people consume coffee and/ or energy drinks to stimulate their central nervous systems. Studies reveal that stimulation of the central nervous system leads to a higher level of attentiveness among users as well as less muscle fatigue. A closer assessment of these two beverages reveals that its users are popular among people with relatively active lifestyle such as athletes, students, and workaholics. In colleges for instance, these beverages maybe consumed in a bid to enable learners to remain awake and have longer hours for study.
Both coffee and energy drink are consumed to influence the function of the human brain (Sinicki, 2016). As noted earlier, an individual can appreciate the advantage of an energy drink or a cup of coffee by how well they concentrate, focus stay alert on a specified period of time after consumption. This implies that the consumption of either coffee or energy drinks is recommended especially when one is required to focus on a specific task. Evidently both beverages are used widely for similar purposes of stimulating the nervous system during activities tha...

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...ers the body’s capacity to regulate the level of sugar in the body.
The other shortcoming of energy drinks is owed to the fact that they contain an active component Taurine. Although this substance is naturally found in the human body, drinking energy fluids can causes excessive amounts in the body that ultimately, burdens the kidneys as they attempt to excrete it out of the body. In addition to this, Zeratsky notes that the studies on effects of Taurine have barely been researched on (Wilker, 2011). Consequently, the usefulness or adversity of this condiment cannot be accurately assessed or evaluated.
Concisely, the above discussion reveals that both energy drinks and coffee drinks confer beneficial features as well as some pitfalls their users. It is therefore imperative for users to consider the pros and cons associated with each drink before consuming.

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