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Caffe Pergolessi, located on the corner of Elm St and Cedar St, is more than a pit stop for caffeine, and much more than just a coffee shop. Caffe Pergolessi, commonly referred to by regular frequenters as “The Perg,” prides itself on being the oldest coffee house in Santa Cruz. It is a popular place to socialize and study for locals and students alike. It, however, has a reputation for being the site of congregation for hipsters, young adults who pride themselves in their knowledge and celebration of underground culture, particularly in music, film, art, literature, and fashion. Known for their ironic wit, self-deprecating humor, pretension, and politically liberal views, hipsters have chosen the Caffe Pergolessi as their Mecca for many reasons, which I will explore.
The Caffe Pergolessi is unapologetically grungy and eclectic. A renovated 1866 Victorian House, it prides itself on its uniqueness, with each of their four rooms (the lobby, the blue room, the green room, and the orange room) decorated with mismatched and antique furniture. For example, in the lobby sits an old plush velvet green couch, trimmed with polished wood. The ground is covered in a red, floral carpet. In the blue room, benches that resemble church pews are paired with rustic tables. It is evident that Caffe Pergolessi is not a generic shop, decorated with furniture from Ikea. Instead, it is decorated with unique relics of the past, a quality that greatly appeals to the hipster who generally hates anything contemporary and mainstream, as it represents to them, conformity.
Furthermore, the café also displays local artwork, which adds to its unique and subculture vibe. Artistic ability or at least the ability to appreciate art seems to be one of the key feat...

... middle of paper ...

...ry choice, be it veganism or vegetarianism.
Also like the dachas of Russia, represents to the hipsters, a place that serves more than coffee and food. The café is a community. Outside on the porch, as they smoke their cigarettes and sip their black coffee, they are talking with each others about films they have seen, albums they like or dislike, and various other aspects of their lives. Though hipsters are predominantly Caucasians, they have also come to include African Americans and Asian Americans, united in their embrace for the subculture. Caffe Pergolessi is a coffee house tailored for hipsters, run by hipsters, and for these reasons, frequented by hipsters.

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