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Café Pergolesi has a distinct alternative atmosphere to it. The customers I observed did not seem to be part of the popular culture, nor did they appear to want to. The café itself is an independent business located on Cedar Street in downtown Santa Cruz, one street over parallel to Pacific Avenue, the town’s central tourist shopping haven. It is conveniently located near the hubbub transpiring downtown, however I could see no tourists in sight. This is probably because Café Pergolesi is run inside an old house. It doesn’t make an effort to advertise itself and I don’t think it wants to stand out. It seems to be made for locals and students who need a place to meet with friends or enjoy a calming location to get work done without tourists roaming about.
This atmosphere fits in well with the ideology of the town. Local citizens of Santa Cruz are not necessarily partial to tourism, but businesses thrive with it so it is beneficial to the town’s economy. The people in Santa Cruz like small locally owned shops, which have been overrun by large corporations such as Starbucks, Urban Outfitters, and Borders on Pacific Avenue. Independent bookstores, secondhand clothing stores, coffee shops, and other small businesses are still making a living on the street, and many locals prefer these shops instead. Café Pergolesi is one of these unique shops that the residents inhabit instead of Starbucks, one of the leaders in corporate takeover.
Quite a few of the people I saw there were students. I decided to sit outside on the patio overlooking Cedar Street to conduct my observations. Luckily, my girlfriend Bri came with me so people were less suspicious of my time there. Café Pergolesi gave off a welcoming feeling, and I frequently found myself...

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...tions around these days, being anti-conformist might actually be conforming to the next trend. Many people in my generation make it their duty to be against everything considered “mainstream” (which is anything the popular masses like or know about). These people have been deemed the title “hipsters.” I believe it is possible that being a hipster will itself become “mainstream” in the near future.
While Pacific Avenue and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk may be the Santa Cruz focal points for tourists, Café Pergolesi is exactly the opposite. The customers take pride in being at a place that runs independently from large corporations, and makes tourists unlikely to support it. It was a delight observing the anti-conformist customers that inhabited Café Pergolesi. The café is a hub for students and the alternative scene, and it seems to be doing quite well for itself.

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