The Caesar And The Roman Empire Essay

The Caesar And The Roman Empire Essay

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With those donations of land, she expanded her kingdom and became the most powerful woman of that time. She started to call herself Queen of Kings due to the fact that she was the ruler of various smaller kingdoms and the ruler of her own sons.
When they were together, Cleopatra and Antony lived a life rich of festivals, orgies and arts only interrupted when Antony had to leave for his crusades against the Parthians. However his battles ended in more losses than victories which started to displease the Roman Empire and his follow partner Octavian.
In the last part of the book Grant concentrates on the fights between the parties of Cleopatra and Antony and their opponent Octavian and Rome. Octavian wasn’t pleased when he heard of his Triumvirate partner and his enormous festivals and glamorous triumphal processions through Alexandria even though he lost major battles before he won a small one. So Octavian started criticizing Antony publicly and while Antony stopped participating in the fights against the Parthians Octavian was still leading campaigns for the Roman Empire. The critics on Octavian’s as well as Antony’s side started to heat up. This propaganda war included both parties trying to make the other one down and embarrass them in front of the nation. It build up to the point that Octavian declared Cleopatra enemy of the Roman Empire. He spread the fear of Cleopatra’s plans to move against the Capitol. Through stealing Antony’s will Octavian tried to prove that Antony was lost to the charms of Cleopatra due to him giving his twins large amounts of land that were actually the property of the Roman Empire. With this act Octavian got Rome to cancel Antony’s power and war was declared against Cleopatra. Various confrontations ...

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...hile Antony went to fight. This showed how she really cared for herself and her luxuries more than anything. To round it all up Antony killed himself after the false report of Cleopatra’s suicide but she herself didn’t take poison till the threat of humiliation was right in front of her. She didn’t follow Antony into death right away even though in her mausoleum she had the chance. She waited to see what will come. This clearly shows that her main focus was on herself.
This Biography of Cleopatra didn’t just cover the lifespan of Cleopatra itself but also quite resourcefully shows the historical aspects of events that happened before and after Cleopatra’s lifetime. With Cleopatra being such central and well-known figure, not just back in her time but even now, she had a very strong impact on history herself and through her relationships with Caesar and Mark Anthony.

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