The Cabot School District Strives to Meet the Educational Needs of Every Student

The Cabot School District Strives to Meet the Educational Needs of Every Student

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Strategic Diversity Plan Outline
Mission and Overview
The Cabot School district is committed to educating all students to be responsible citizens who value learning, treat others with dignity and respect, and successfully adapt to the demands of a rapidly changing society. The Cabot School District strives to meet the needs of “Every Child, Every Classroom, and Every Day”.
The Cabot School District is committed to meeting the needs of all students not only academically but also socially and culturally by creating an atmosphere that embraces diversity and provides students with meaningful diversified and multicultural educational opportunities. The goals and objectives set forth in this strategic planned are aimed at providing a learning environment that enriches the quality of education by providing students with the opportunity to acquire skills that allow them to function effectively as human beings in a highly diverse society.
I. Where we are?
The Cabot School District provides educational opportunities to the communities of Cabot, Ward and Austin. Cabot is a bedroom community that lies 20 miles northeast of Little Rock, Arkansas. The district serves over 10,000 students and has a slightly diverse population in regards to race- 98% of the student population is Caucasian. Of the district’s 10,219 students, one-third of them qualify for free or reduced lunches. The district itself is composed of nine elementary schools (K-4), two middle schools (5-6), two junior highs (7-8), a Freshman Academy (9th), one high school (10-12), one charter school (7-12) and an alternative school (7-12).
Currently, the Cabot Public Schools lacks in the area of diversity when it comes to race and ethnicity. However, in recent years, t...

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...s diversity.
VI. Measurable Goals
The Cabot School District will:
1. Develop an inclusive climate that promotes diversity in all schools throughout the district.
2. Create a comprehensive curriculum that reflects multicultural diversity and addresses other areas of prejudice that members of the student body and society currently face.
3. Recruit, hire and maintain minority faculty and staff.
4. Provide diversity training for all faculty and staff that addresses race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic factors, mental/physical abilities, religion, etc., promotes tolerance and acceptance, and appreciation of the diverse groups within the school and community.
5. Increase community and parental involvement within the school by establishing programs and events that help inform and promote diversity through school events, programs, trainings, etc.

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