Essay about Cabeza De Vaca And William Bradford

Essay about Cabeza De Vaca And William Bradford

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In America, our society is defined as a “melting pot”. A “melting pot” refers to the blend or melting of cultures, or a combination of several of cultures in a society. Explorers to the “New World” such as Cabeza de Vaca and William Bradford are significantly important in history and in literature. Both explorers traveled to the “New World” for different reasons. Cabeza de Vaca went on an exploration to gain more wealth, gold, learn about the land, and culture. On the other hand, Bradford moved to the Americas for religious freedom, and away from English rule. Cabeza de Vaca and Bradford both were important, remember able explorers to the New World, and both their stories tell their experience, especially their encounters with different communities. Cabeza de Vaca 's piece Castaways is a conversion and inversion narrative about this experiences especially with the Native Americans, while William Bradford 's Of Plymouth Planation is classified as providential narrative, which focuses on the God 's future plans than the interaction with different communities.
Cabeza de Vaca stories is a conversion narrative, which the conversion is the between Cabeza de Vaca 's thoughts of the Native Americans. In the beginning of Castaways, Cabeza de Vaca did not interact with the natives as much as he does later in his story. In chapter three of his book, Castaways, he says that the Indians and his group, Spaniards did not get along. Once his group reached Florida he states:
“on the following day the Indians from the village came to see us, and though they spoke to us we did not understand them, for we had no interpreter, but they made many signs and threatening gestures, and we thought they were telling us to leave their land; and on this the...

... middle of paper ...

...adford is appeared to have a prideful attitude about himself and his faithful. Thus, he does not have interest in cultural hybridity with the Natives.
Cabeza de Vaca and Bradford shared their experiences in the “New World”, and focused on their encounters with their interaction with different cultural communities. However, both of these authors have do not share their views with cultural hybridity, and results with Cabeza de Vaca’s story as a conversion and inversion narrative; while Bradford’s story is a providential narrative. Cabeza de Vaca explored the “New World” to gain riches, or gold, and gain more knowledge about the land and people. Bradford came to the America to get away from English religion prosecution. Similar to the idea of a “melting pot” cultural hybridity is the interaction of cultures, which Cabeza de Vaca demonstrated, unlike William Bradford.

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