C Students Run the U.S.A. Essay

C Students Run the U.S.A. Essay

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“I think the world is run by C students.” (Al McGuire, 1932 -2001) What Al McGuire meant is in today’s economy, one cannot logically mandate educators to match higher education standers, for if one did, and they would not find adequate educators to crew the classrooms. In addition, there is no possible way, with today’s economy, to pay educator a decent salary to make their operational circumstances well enough to contend with any other occupations that demand degrees. What is more, one would have to grapple with locating a method to change the existing bunch of small-minded quacks and penny pinchers in higher education management, with a populace who honestly cherish education, know education, and has a proficiency that contained actual education accomplishments. Traditionally, the United States education has furthered both political and economic desires, which hijacked the application of education, and traditionally there are three theories about this hijacked education system.
In the present day, sociologists and educators dispute the role of education today. The three main theories that outline their philosophies are the functionalist theory, the conflict theory, and the interactionist theory. The functionalist theory centers on the methods in that the collective education supports the expectations of society. Functionalists view education in its present role, communicating basic information and abilities to the future age group. The founder of functionalist theory, Durkheim, labeled the hidden role of education as one of mingling children into society's majority. “Emile Durkheim feels that schools are there to teach morals to children. These morals are the ones that society has set up so that everyone is the same.” (Schaef...

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...ch of how educators construct their desires or how learners may communicate elusive meanings to teachers about intellect, ability, and so on (Schaefer, 2009 pg 318- 317).
Therefore, while political, culture, castes, and wealth browbeat the juvenile education system to deal with needs of society and changed higher education into a money only club or sell your financial future to the degree. Not only has society hijacked education it has imposed that the education system gives over time to sports. This vastly diminishes the time accessible for education. Society distorts the division between education and sports, and promotes the outlook that they are all equally important, especially when a learner receives a reward for non-education activities. The answer might be that to save the education system society needs to distinguish between education and personal views.

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