Bystander Effect After The Murder Of Kitty Genovese Essay examples

Bystander Effect After The Murder Of Kitty Genovese Essay examples

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Bibb Latané and John Darley, two psychologists, studied the bystander effect during their experimentation after the murder of Kitty Genovese. The Bystander Effect refers to the effect that bystanders have during the intervention of an emergency. Latané and Darley used a series of experiments to look at different aspects of the bystander effect; The series of experiments included smoke, a lady in distress, hand in the till, stolen beer, “children don’t fight like that,” and fit to be tried (Latané & Darley, 1970). Latané and Darley asked, “What is the underlying force in mankind toward altruism?” and “what determines in a particular situation whether one person will help another?” Their hypothesis was that “the number of other people present at an emergency may have important effects on whether any individual will intervene” (Latané & Darley, 1970, p. 42). This current article will discuss and critique the original experiment of the Bystander Effect by Latané and Darley, social psychology, and how other research has added to the bystander effect theory.
Latané and Darley set up most of their experiments in a similar fashion. The samples of the participants in the experiments were from Columbia University and were asked by the researchers to be interviewed or placed in an irrelevant study. When the participants were situated in their seats, they were asked to begin filling out forms such as a questionnaire. When the participant began to fill out the forms, the “emergency” experiment was presented to the participant. Each experiment presented different emergencies and variables. For example, one experiment tested a subject to see if he would react to the existence of smoke in a vent (Latané & Darley, 1970, p. 46). The completion...

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...arch by other researchers may have been impacted. Critics say that Latané and Darley did not look far enough into demographic influences on their research. However, their research has stemmed many experimental studies and theories. Psychologists today now have a better understanding of how bystanders influence others. The possibilities for future research are highly likely. One possible study that can be looked at today can be how bystanders on social media affect the chances of bullying to their peers. Psychologists can look at how group bullying compares or contrasts with personal bullying. If it weren’t for the unfortunate murder of Kitty Genovese, social psychologists may still be contemplating why witnesses did not intervene and help her escape from her attacker. The Bystander Effect is still an important discovery in the field of psychology and other sciences.

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