Bylaw Enforcement Officer Job Summary Essay

Bylaw Enforcement Officer Job Summary Essay

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Working in the Bylaw Services Division, the incumbent assists the Bylaw Enforcement Officers in a limited scope during the summer season. Responsibilities include: responding to burning and water / sprinkling complaints, collecting unpaid business licenses, completing inspections for businesses that operate without a business license, and collecting unpaid dog licenses. The work is differentiated from that of a Bylaw Officer by the more routine nature of complaints and infractions that are assigned. The incumbent is required to work outdoors in all weather conditions and is required to wear City-issued uniforms and outerwear. The position is required to work outside of traditional working hours. Performs related duties.

Under the general supervision of the Manager, Bylaw Services:

Assists Bylaw Enforcement Officers by:
• responding to burning and water / sprinkling complaints;
• collecting unpaid business licenses and dog licenses;
• completing inspections for businesses operating without a business license;
• responding to gene...

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