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Essay on The, By Victor Rios

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Victor Rios states in his well-renowned book Punished, “In 1924, sociologist Edwin Sutherland discussed how boys were taught to be “rough and tough”, rendering them more likely than girls to become delinquent.” (Rios, 2011, p. 131) This quotation alone means that for almost 100 years, if not longer, boys have had a criminality stigma attached to them just because of their gender. Not only is it completely out of anybody’s control to pick their gender, it is also extremely sexist to say that boys are more likely than girls to become deviant in behavior. There are numerous statistics that prove how men are more often targeted than women when it comes to criminal acts, as well as how they are perceived to be more violent and less likely to comply with police officers. Men are singled out by their gender automatically; moreover, if you are a Black man in this day-in-age, all odds are very much against you. While not taking race into consideration, the masculinist perspective in the world of critical criminology states that criminality is primarily revolved around men. In many parts of the country and in various settings, we can see how this theory truly plays out in society and in the lives of boys and men alike.
Crime is not specific to certain areas of the country, i.e. urban, suburban, or rural. Crime can occur in a primarily White, wealthy neighborhood and the act can be committed by a White woman. One would say that is not the norm, though. The criterion for crime, according to society, is that most violent or criminal behavior is committed by Hispanic or Black men in predominantly ghetto areas. The larger issue, however, is that a ‘norm’, in regards to criminality, has been established and it is almost as though police office...

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...ighborhoods because they are aware that they can easily arrest a ‘delinquent’. With this being said, while there may never be a sure fix, the possible solution to this problem is to teach police officers and those in authority that Blacks and Whites are one in the same. The same drugs that Blacks do, Whites do; furthermore, Whites can and do commit the same violent crimes, sometimes worse, that Blacks do. The color of a person’s skin or their gender does not dictate their level of violence or delinquency. To attempt to rectify this complication in society, police officers need to begin to use their “better” judgment when dealing with all forms of race.
As a final statement, Black young boys in ghetto, impoverished areas are not the only criminals in the world; their future can potentially turn out to be better than the cracked-out White homeless woman from suburbia.

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