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The By Peter Weir, Dead Poets Society Essay

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Education is Sick and in the Process of Healing
Many have the belief that in order to know where to go, there needs to be an understanding of where one has been, hence the idea of “Tradition”. The education system that society has become accustomed to having, follows the idea that the teacher reflects how he/she was taught and uses the same process to mold his/her students. In the article “The ‘Banking’ Concept of Education”, (1970), Paulo Freire describes the traditional teaching and names it the “banking-education” system. Freire states that the students have no creativity, they are expected to absorb information, memorize and satisfactorily test to be considered knowledgeable. The 1989 film directed by Peter Weir, “Dead Poets Society”, depicts a 1959 Welton Academy as a banking-education school. The viewer watches the students going from class to class, simply being receptacles being deposited with information, receiving, repeating and storing. Freire names “problem-posing” education as a means to change and cure the education system, he explains creating a teacher-student communication relationship polishes the student’s critical thinking and embodies the student to become conscious of the world and become in the world. In the film, Professor John Keating introduces a “problem-posing” concept teaching in his English class. Keating’s classroom goes beyond the four walls, he incorporates music, sports, and interaction communication with the students. Although, today, there are a limited number of classrooms that follow the problem-posing education technique that can create better rounded educated students and teacher, Freire describes and Keating puts into practice teaching students to become; beings able to adapt to s...

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... the mishaps of the students and causes him to be fired. Todd recalls a teaching moment from Mr. Keating, he had stood on his desk and told them to constantly look at situations from different angles. Also, Anderson reflects on a line from a Whitman poem about Abraham Lincoln, Mr. Keating had said that the daring cold refer to him with that line. Anderson stands on his desk and calls out, “Oh, captain. My captain”. Anderson goes against the authoritarian school leaders and takes a stand to be daring. The teachers that have been inspired to incorporate a teaching that creates a partnership between the student and teacher have resulted in transforming students in being aware and making positive contributions to their social environment, improving as a critical thinker, and finding learning and teaching from all opportunities and people within their life’s journey.

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