By Affecting Nature We Are Affecting Ourselves and Viceversa Essay example

By Affecting Nature We Are Affecting Ourselves and Viceversa Essay example

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Through out the semester we have learned many perspectives of wellness and how this different Ideologies affect both us and the environment. While going through the Pros and Cons of each ideology of wellness, There was one theme that surrounded the most interesting, and overall most beneficial ideologies. This Idea was that, by effecting nature we are effecting ourselves. The idea can be seen as true through all perspectives, yet only understood by a few.
Cultures such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda believe in this idea, and incorporate it into there being and everyday culture. On the other hand, western culture is starting to incorporate some of these Ideas into their lifestyles, but in a more recreational of “trendy” way. In Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, the idea of being one with nature, and balance are key components. This can be seen through meditation which should be done on the ground where your body is physically touching the earth. This is because your Root chakra, where you you hold your inner stability, is in a way interdependent with the stability of the earth. Western culture sees things such as meditation and “quackery” or ridiculous, and if they do participate in it is seen as a stress reliever rather than a way to be one with the environment and balancing your energy.
Although Western medicine’s beliefs are still rooted in a scientific method ideology,they are moving towards a different definition of wellness. This can be seen in ways such as massage therapy, yoga, and acupuncture. These three modalities of healing are rooted in the perspective of balancing energy, alluding to ideas such as Yin/Yang, qi, and keeping the body in Balance to stay healthy. This is why if a person is si...

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... about 15 years worth of natural gas, and inturn is adding to the depletion of the ozone layer, and global warming. By poisoning the earth as Hydraulic Fracturing does, we are inturn poisoning ourselves for something that doesn't even seem like a long term solution to any of our many problems in the world.
No matter what culture you come from changing our environment is changing all of us. in western culture we are very individualized, and whatever helps the individual must be good right? Wrong, by taking up the resources we do we are slowly killing ourselves and more rapidly killing people all over the world. For what, because we needed to have that cheeseburger? Being mindful about the environment as ayurvedics, are in every aspect of our lifestyle may seem tougher for the western world who has an abundance of resources, but could saves thousands that don’t.

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