Essay about Buying A New Vehicle, Appliances, Clothing And Food

Essay about Buying A New Vehicle, Appliances, Clothing And Food

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For the last couple of weeks, I have been thinking about all the purchases that I have done within the last year. Those purchases included buying a new vehicle, appliances, clothing and food. Many factors played a role in the purchasing of a new vehicle, appliances, clothing and food. Some of those factors included customer reviews, talking to technicians, talking to my significant other, advertisements, and my budget.
When it was time to purchase a new vehicle all I knew was that I wanted an SUV. From there I started to pay attention to commercials. As I saw the commercials for SUV’s that I liked, I would do further research on those vehicles from their website. I was able to narrow my choice down to two. Now that I narrowed my choices down to two I was able to compare their standard options, there warranty, and their miles per gallon. After comparing their standard options and then looking at consumer reviews on both SUV’s. The two SUV’s seemed to have similar reviews. Then I needed to consider what features that I wanted to add to the vehicle. For example, a sunroof, heated steering wheel, heated seats, or the different comfort packages. My budget also played a huge factor in purchasing a vehicle. I had to get my current vehicle valued so that I knew how much to take off the asking price of the new vehicle to make sure that the payments would fit within my budget. There was about a $5000 difference between the two SUV’s, but one SUV had a maintenance free package for five years or 50,000 miles where the other SUV did not. After doing all this research my partner and I decided to test drive both vehicles to see which one drove better. At the end of the day, I went with the vehicle that had the maintenance free care becaus...

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...r refrigerator, microwave, ovens, or dishwasher.
Even buying food has an impact on the environment. I like to buy all the name brand foods for example like Doritos. I never realized the impact that industrial food production actually has on the environment. Industrial food production depends on fossil fuel which when refined it creates greenhouse gases that are a significant contributor to climate changes. Even farmers have a chance of being hit by a natural disaster that could wipe out their crops, in return causing prices to go up on the food that was affected by that natural disaster.
In conclusion, I am really glad that I had to write this essay. I have never really thought about the impact of my purchases in how it will affect the environment and many generations. When I think about purchasing anything, my first thought has always been can I afford that or not.

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