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Buying A Car At Auction Essay

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Buying A Car at Auction
We saved over $1,800 off the price local auto resellers were charging

Let’s start by saying we personally hate buying cars! We find objectionable the way car dealers squeeze us for every penny, next after agreeing on a price, they bring up all kinds of add-ons, warranties, undercoating, top coating, roadside assistance, and security systems, and so forth. Oh, and lets not forget the fees!

We have to admit to owning a 1999 Dodge Ram, purchased in 2000, with 170,000 miles and a 2002 Ford Taurus, purchased new from the dealer in 2001, with 207,000. Both vehicles are running fine, however, having minor wear problems now and then. Nevertheless, not wanting my wife stranded somewhere with the kids, and the cars are not as nice as they once were, we relented and began researching vehicles to purchase.

My Research Approach

Our research included local auto dealer satisfaction ratings and comments from recent customers, internet searches for best family cars, best fuel mileage, best safety rating, and other best, longest, and most ratings possible. We also researched the pros and cons of buying a used car at an auto auction. Additionally, we picked up the recent Consumer Reports special edition on new and used cars.

We quickly decided since we have no experience or industry knowledge of auto auctions, we would not go in-person and bid at auction for on our next family car. However, an ad in an association magazine in Las Vegas for Mike’s Auto Shack proved to be the perfect solution for us. After researching Mike’s Auto we found that Mike buys cars at auctions for customers similar to us for a little fee plus the auction price. As a numbers kind of guy, it financially looked like something to consider.

The pro...

... middle of paper ... Las Vegas so the trip was a welcoming prospect. When Mike called with news concerning a successful auction for our car, the final price was $350 less than maximum purchase price.

We bought a gray, 2014 Toyota Camry with 22K miles for under $16,000 (including Mike’s fee), which was over $1,800 less than the dealer was asking for their white model. The entire experience was simple non-threatening, and no hassle. They even worked directly with the credit union. All we had to do was sign the paperwork. We could not be more delighted with the car. When we arrived home with the car we took it to the local Toyota dealer and they reviewed the car history with us, no recalls, no reported mechanical problems, and recommended when we should bring it back for scheduled maintenance and servicing.

Buying from an auction was a dream comes true for our car buying experience.

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