The Buy One Get One Free Coupon Story That Converted Me To Becoming An Avid Coupon User

The Buy One Get One Free Coupon Story That Converted Me To Becoming An Avid Coupon User

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The economy is making it difficult for many us to do everyday shopping for necessities, let alone the ability to splurge on luxuries. An amazing way to save money is using coupons. I know exactly what you’re thinking. I also was one of those people that grunted and groaned every time I had to wait for someone to sift through their enormous stack of coupons. But that was before I had an eye opening experience at the grocery store one day. A lady if front me handed the cashier her stack of coupons and waited for her total. Being behind her I could hear the cashier tell her that her savings for the day were seventy dollars. After picking my jaw up I asked her how she did it. She simply smiled and said “buy one get one free coupon.”

Finally it was my turn at the register. Having no coupons to present for my purchases my total came to much more than the coupon ladies and I had a severely smaller amount of items than her. I grumbled all the way home and swore I would find out about the coupon gold mine.

I can remember as a child wanting to go somewhere but having to wait until my mom...

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