Essay on The Butterfly Effect On Women

Essay on The Butterfly Effect On Women

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It has been said that one small moment can create large effects; the butterfly effect. For Betty Williams, her small moment occurred on August 10th, 1976 when she witnessed an innocent family get mauled by a runaway car driven by an IRA member in her hometown Belfast, Ireland. Three children were killed and their mother, Anne Maguire, was seriously injured and later committed suicide. Williams was greatly moved by this tragic event. Two days after witnessing the accident, she obtained six thousand signatures on a petition for peace. Later, Williams teamed up with Anne Maguire’s sister to form The Women For Peace, now known as the The Community For Peace. The organization was known for holding mass protests. William’s spearheaded a peaceful march of ten thousand Protestant and Catholic women. The march was diffused by the Irish Army, but it did not stop the movement. The next march was attended by 3,500 people, proving that nonviolent protesting was effective. The loss of three children eventually led one woman to lead 3,500 Irish citizens to march for peace (Peacejam).
When looking at Williams in comparison to Gandhi, it appears that the two had a some similarities. They both had large followings and believed that peace was the ultimate goal. Both Gandhi and Williams focused on uniting conflicting religions in their country. For Gandhi it was Hindus and Muslims in India and for Williams it was Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. While Gandhi did not identify with any religions and claimed that all religions were his, Williams was Roman Catholic. Her mother was Catholic and her father was Protestant, but she would be baptized and raised Roman Catholic (Parekh). This would prove difficult for William’s growing up becaus...

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...throughout her nonviolent campaign was to create a world where there was no unknown. She wanted to cease “hostile aliens at the end of any missile.” She did not consider this an easy task, but she did believe that with a tremendous amount of hard work, it was achievable. The only force strong enough to break down the barriers between us was the force of love, truth and soul. She said that although fear is contagious, so is courage. If one person is brave enough to spread the message of love and truth, more are likely to follow. She saw nonviolence as a weapon of the strong. She believed that if we dedicate ourselves to working with our neighbors, we can build a peaceful society where hatred and war was just a bad memory (Williams). Williams saw the immense power in kindness and love. She wanted the world’s children to grow up living in a peaceful and just society.

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