The Butta Group of Companies Essay

The Butta Group of Companies Essay

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Butta group of organizations consists of schools, car and jewelers showrooms and hotels which are located in Hyderabad in India. Corporate office deals with all of these individual accounts and it consists of more than 60 users. Each user is assigned with a computer for performing the operations. Management implemented Windows business small server domain through which all the users are maintained under a particular domain. Butta organization started using windows Small Business Server 2008 as it includes different types of technologies optimized specifically for small businesses at an affordable price. This makes the organization to share resources and equipment, like Internet access, printers, and fax machines. With Windows Small Business Server 2008, the organization can get more with the people we have and it also increases customer loyalty and also productivity and customer service are going up, which helps us grow the business. Also as the services provided by the windows server 2008 when compared to 2003 are more useful for our business purpose.
Process Analysis
Butta group of companies consists of hotels, car showroom, jewellery, schools and all these accounts are maintained at the corporate office in Hyderabad. In the corporate office to provide the users with the support and authenticity the organization decided to implement the windows domain server for having the security. To implement the windows domain server 2008 operating system, Butta group of organization decided to follow software development life cycle (SDLC) method. Software development life cycle process overall has seven phases included in it. The seven phases that our organization uses are planning, analysis, design, development, testing, implement...

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...isions are made to achieve the required tasks. Everyone within the organization had the opportunity to improve their skills at using the new technology. A proper training was provided on how to work in an organized way. The team leader coordinated with all the employees and provided equal opportunity to everyone. During the implementation, everyone had the opportunity to express their own ideas on their requirements of the new system.
Good training is provided to the employees on how to use the new system. Every employee has given enough opportunity to clear any doubts in their minds. A manual was provided to them for further references while working at the cart location. Everyone was provided with enough time to get use to the new system. There was no online support for training. People who are unable to come to the classes might lose the training classes.

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